Escape Meta Alt Shift Ctrl-Escape Woes

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Written on 2016-09-07 21:17:58

Have a new keyboard, Matias Ergo Pro. Still haven't used it enough to comment on it, but wanted to help out anyone who might be having issues with this (or any other really) keyboard.

Updated to Ubuntu 16.04, and everything was going nice. Just the other day, however, I realized that my escape key was no longer working. Turns out, after alot of being very confused, that Escape and CapsLock were swapped.

As someone who regularly swaps CapsLock and Ctrl_L, this caused me some headaches. In the end, still not sure what the problem was. After trying to nuke random configs in home, using xev and xmodmap to manually register keycodes, and verifying I didn't have a broken keyboard on my hands with showkey, I finally found a way to hard-reset my keyboard configuration.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Wala, everybodies happy again :D

Well, at least I am.


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