So it begins...

Written on 2016-08-13 13:38:09

I've been a software engineer for the past almost three years now. I've worked for three different companies, and it seems that I've graviated towards Java webdev. The reason for this is simply that I learned Java at school, and Java pays the bills. That being said, I don't particularly like the language (although I love the JVM).

That being said, after all of this time, I've never really created a website before.

Sure, I've created webpages. I've written css, js, html; ran it locally. I think I know what should go into the process, but I've never gone through the entire pipeline.

Hopefully that ends now :). This blog is basically just going to be random ramblings, and I'm sure nobody will have an interest in reading it. It is mostly just to get a feel for what all goes into a site from the ground up.


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